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Let's talk cup size

Below are categories for cup sizes that show the best bra's for your size. Click VIEW ALL to see all of your best options available. You can still make other products work, but these are our BEST for you!

A-C Cup

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C-DD Cup

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DD+ Cup

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Let's talk hips & thighs

First up I need to inform you our Seamless Ribbed Collection does not cut in! Why you ask, because it is seamless, there is no stitching to dictate how far the material can stretch too. This means the fabric naturally stretches to your body and this is why the range is able to do two generic sizes in one. All thanks to its spanx like ability to contour and conform to your shape. I will attach some examples below of our stunning models - all very different body types wearing the SAME SIZE.

  • EBANY wearing size small

  • TANIA wearing size small

  • KELSEY wearing size small

Want to stalk our seamless collection. Do that here:


We have got your back boo! As a mum myself I know we still want to look as cute as possible and not just give off beach whale vibes.

Our bond minis and full are the best for supporting bumps, not only can you wear them to full term like Bree here in the picture you can wear them while recovering. They are the same material used for compression recovery... we just made them super adorable.

Not keen on a full piece, then we do also have maternity leggings which you will find below.

Alternatively if your desperate to fight the fact your pregnant you can still rock a two piece! Looks down at my own bump rocking and ocean set. Simply size up!

Maternity Wear

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